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Pharmed2U is a fully fledged community pharmacy. Our Care Home Services division is run from a purpose built dispensary that oporates exclusively for the Care Home sector. However because of the uniquness of our business we are able to offer services to the Care Home as if you were walking into our pharmacy. We are able to bring pharmacy to you, rather than you to the pharmacy.

All processes are managed under specially established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and our staff are trained accordingly

 We offer....

Medication Usage Reviews

One of the requirements for Care Homes under the National Minimum Standards is to ensure that residents have a regular medication review. Pharmed2U is able to conduct initial medication reviews for all residents and subsequent new residents, followed by ongoing reviews.

NHS & Private Dispensing

We are able to dispense all kinds of prescriptions, and can deliver or post out medication where required.

Repeat Dispensing

We participate in the repeat dispensing programme as oporated by many surgeries. We can hold your prescriptions on file and issue when they are due.

Emergency Supply

Under the terms of the RPSGB guidelines we are able to supply short term supplies for critical medicines. Supplies can be made and issued after discussion with our pharmacist and at their discretion.


We at Pharmed2U appreciate the value of training. We offer a wide range of training programmes from recognised providers to improve the knowledge of care home staff. Our pharmacists would be happy to discuss your personal requirements.

Inspection Visits

Most Primary Care Trusts (PCT) have a requirement for a pharmacist to visit the Care Home and offer advice on medication handling, storage and administration. Our pharmacists and technicians are familiar with all such processes and can provide regular visits and give appropriate advice to ensure you meet high standards.

See Your Prescriptions

 The Royal Pharmaceutical Society guidelines for Care Homes state that Care Home staff should see copies of their prescriptions. Due to the unique way we process your prescriptions, it is possible for Care Homes to log on at any time and ‘see’ the prescriptions even before they are dispensed. This not only allows compliance with the recommendations, but also provides an audit trail and gives peace of mind when receiving stock and administering medicines.

Track Dispensing 

Sometimes you just want to know if a prescription has been dispensed and if it’s on its way. This valuable information is just a few clicks away using the Pharmed2U Online Service and what’s more, you can access it whenever you want day or night.

Print Your Own Reports

We hold a vast amount of data on our systems for each Care Home. You can benefit from this information by printing a number of reports on demand. This includes most commonly used drugs, patient information and discharge documents. You can even print your own MAR Charts.

Pharmfax Service

We provide each home with the primary fax number which can be used to fax all your prescription needs, and we prepare and deliver direct to you and pick up the prescriptions on delivery.

Support Service

With the increasing demand being placed on Care Homes, your requirements for pharmaceutical issues go well beyond dispensing and the delivery of prescriptions. Pharmed2U are able to offer your Care Home everything under one roof from training to waste management. Our pharmacists, technicians and customer care staff are available to support you as much as possible to help you exceed the National Minimum Standards.

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