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Online Services
The powerful technology we use at Pharmed2U can also bring its benefits to you via our Online Service. The Online Service operates using a secure connection between a designated computer at the Care Home and our Central Servers. Care Homes wishing to subscribe to this service simply login with a secure password enabling authorised users secure access to their data held by Pharmed2U.

See Your Prescriptions

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society guidelines for Care Homes state that Care Home staff should see copies of their prescriptions. Due to the unique way we process your prescriptions, it is possible for Care Homes to log on at any time and ‘see’ the prescriptions even before they are dispensed. This not only allows compliance with the recommendations, but also provides an audit trail and gives peace of mind when receiving stock and administering medicines.

Keep Records Up To Date

By checking your resident’s data on-line, you can keep us informed of any changes to patient’s therapy. For example you may wish to change administration times and restart or discontinue drugs. You can also ensure that your requests have been actioned.

Track Dispensing

Sometimes you just want to know if a prescription has been dispensed and if it’s on its way. This valuable information is just a few clicks away using the
Pharmed2U Online Service and what’s more, you can access it whenever you want day or night.

Print Your Own Reports

We hold a vast amount of data on our systems for each Care Home. You can benefit from this information by printing a number of reports on demand. This includes most commonly used drugs, patient information and discharge documents. You can even print your own MAR Charts.
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