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Welcome to Pharmed2U Care Home Services

Recent press reports have highlighted grave concerns over the prescribing, dispensing and administration of medicine to care home residents. We at Pharmed2U believe it is our duty of care to provide the best possible services to the end user. Failings have been identified at various stages of the medicine management process which the Pharmed2U Care Home Service aims to address. It is our belief that there are several reasons why errors occur…..


  • A break in the chain of events
  • Insufficient understanding of the medicine monthly cycle
  • Lack of understanding between professions
  • Limited product knowledge and awareness
  • Lack of training
  • Reduced or no pharmacist input
  • Lack of knowledge of resident by pharmacy
  • Little communication between Surgery, Pharmacy and Care Home

The Care Home Pharmacy Service

Our goal is to offer the most comprehensive pharmaceutical services to Care Homes. We aim to do this by focusing on our approach, working with you, incorporating your methods and procedures, and adapting to your needs. We are aware one model does not fit all, so we are able to tailor our systems to your Care Home particular requirements, and work alongside your staff to achieve the smooth running of medicine management.

‘We listen and we learn together.’

Time and man power is a premium for any healthcare service provider. At Pharmed2U we appreciate that the unpredictability of the Care Home environment can put undue pressure on Care Home staff. Pharmed2U Care Home Services have been designed to reduce the time your staff need to be present when completing the monthly medication ordering cycle.
By undertaking the bulk of your prescription administration, we are able to ensure that the process from ordering patient medication to delivery of completed trays is seamless.
Our advanced computer technology cuts out all the administrative fuss that normal care home pharmacy systems employ.

This cuts down processing times, but also provides the home with much more than a standard pharmacy can offer. By working as a partnership we can minimise ordering errors, manage your residents to improve their quality of care, increase staff understanding through training and product knowledge, release staff to concentrate on other activities and reduce wastage.

If you wish to know more, contact us through the Join Our Services tab, or call 0845 642 1 642.

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